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What information is displayed on Homepage?

Download Races off YouTube?

How to watch Downlaoded races on TV.

How to Contact and about this Website?

You can contact me about this site only on GAB; updates to site will be posted to GAB, GETTR, Twitter.

I created this site because of pandemic of 2020. May 2020 motor racing restarted; I was watching Nascar and Indy car races by downloading off YouTube. I found that IMSA also uploaded their races to YouTube as too. When I started looking through their YouTube channels I realized that also posted previous seasons of races and started downloading those to watch in my spare time during lockdowns. This also opened to many other races organizations and series (ELMS,AsianLMS,FIA,WEC,SRO,24H,Supercars,Nascar,IndyCar,F1,Trans-Am…) I had not known about; specifically sports car racing. Trying to keep track of which races I had watch from different series cause me to come up with common naming scheme, which I used personally. As months went by; I watched more races.

When 2021 started I decided to create a single page webpage to keep track of races when and where these which occurring around the world. This page developed and I found easier ways to download the races off YouTube, I finally decided to create a full website for other to use find the races will less hassle. Since the naming of races on the different YouTube channels are difficult figure out which series a races is a part of (i.e. IMSA). Use this site as you wish. Hope this site opens you to other racing series you have not discovered of before just like me.
I only posts links to Qualifying/Highlights/Full Races videos that have been uploaded by the racing organizations; I will not be links to any illegal race videos (Ex: Indycar_Series, F1, and Supercars (Australia) do not post their races publicly. They can be available through a subscription service)

What information is displayed on Homepage?

Details - Are links to help rename racing videos for local storage or links to the races themselves.
I used a “]” as delimiter as | is not an acceptable character when naming files or folders.
C -> Used as title of calendar event: Organization]Series]Season]Rnd]Race Name]Circuit]Location (Ex: Nascar]Cup]2021]R01]Daytona 500]Daytona International Speedway]Daytona Beach, Florida)
FS -> Used as rename races videos after downloading: Series]Season]Rnd]Race Name(Ex: Cup]2021]R01]Daytona 500)
FR -> Used as rename races videos after downloading: Rnd]Race Name(Ex: R01]Daytona 500)
D -> Race Details/Results
RC -> Race Circuit Details
PR# -> Practice Session
Q# -> Qualifying of Race
RP# -> Full Race (All races will have an RP1 if full race is available. Some races can be split into multiple parts as the races are very long. Ex. Rolex 24 at Daytona is 24 hour race; IMSA usually splits race into 5-7 parts each one being 4-7 hours long)
H# -> Highlights of Race
Date - Day that race starts (Ex: 24 Hours of Le Mans starts on Saturday and ends Sunday. Ex: Nascar races can start on one day but due to rain; the race will complete on the next day or several days later)
Organization - Company that organizes the races (Ex: IMSA is organization)
Series - Specific racing (Ex: IMSA organizes races for WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, Michelin Pilot Challenge, Prototype Challenge, Porsche Carrera Cup North America, Mazda MX-5 Cup...)
Season - Is the year(s) in which (most racing series run there calendars during a single year, but WEC tried to run there races starting June of 2019 and end in April of 2020)
Rnd - Round of the race of the season (Ex: some series run 2 races at the same track on same weekend, race weekend is defined as a round. I use the more common way and round is each race of the season that points are giving to drives and teams for competing)
Race Name - Named used to identify the race (Ex: Dixie Vodka 400; Nascar Cup)
Circuit - Name of racing circuit. (Ex: Homestead-Miami Speedway)
Location - City/Stat/Country race circuit is located. (Ex: Homestead, Florida; I use City/State and left off USA, but might add it later)

Download Race(s) off YouTube?

Let’s get through the BS legal stuff:
Is it illegal to download video off YouTube?
NO (this is for USA only, check your specific countries laws), if you only keep and watch the videos for personal use and the video do not leave your possession. This follows the fair use clause that US Supreme Court ruled on a long time ago. Not heard of anyone take to court over downloading video off YouTube for personal use.
Is it against YouTube’s TOS (Terms of Service) to download video off YouTube?
YES, see YouTube’s Terms of Service.
If you want more details of this issue; Link1, Link2, Link3

I have tried several different ways to download racing videos off YouTube.
NOTE: As of 2023 "Youtube Downloader HD" has been the fastest way to download from Youtube as youtube has put in place a limit on how fast video(s) can be downloaded.

Youtube Downloader HD: Download portable version at bottom of download list, can run multiple instances at once. (NOTE: Can download 1080p and 4k higer quliaty videos; downloads video and audio then combines)

Browser Scripts (Tampermonkey):
The best script I found is currently YouTube Links. Script allows 1 click downloading/renaming of video(s) as long it is 720p MP4. Other formats will require saving the video and audio links individually and then combined (using program like ffmpeg); renaming of video/audio will have to be done manually.
Other scripts(s): Find More Scripts, iTubeGo YouTube Downloader Extension

NOTE: Having an adblocker installed when using these sites is recommended.
Youtube Audio and Video Downloader Free Online

How to watch Downlaoded races on TV.

I use WD TV Live Streaming (WD TV Live 3rd Gen); I modified OsdModHub 1.0 theme to be a dark theme; helps with watching in low light environments works best with FW version 2.01.86. Download OsdModHub 1.0 Dark and WDTV Live Gen3 2.01.86.
This media can play the 720p MP4 (x264) from you YouTube and live process the video in fast-forward (2x,4x,8x,16x,32x; audio is muted) like old VCRs; allowing me to watch races faster. Comes in handy during endurance races (Ex: Rolex 24 at Daytona and 24 Hours of Le Mans) with either long green flag racing or yellow/red flags during race.